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    LeafD concept vehicle encourages eco-tourism

    The LeafD concept vehicle by Bai Ran is a unique design specifically aimed at showing tourists the city-sights in a very non-conformist way. The design takes inspiration from the natural environment, specially leaves and flowing water. The fluid concept accommodates only one or at the most two people at a time and keeping the dynamics of the vehicle in mind it features no door either. The seats are made using integral foaming and can be removed from the car to make the vehicle lighter. On a full load, i.e. seating two people the vehicle tops at 35 kmph, so incase you are alone, you could remove a seat to gain maximum speed advantage. With a green-conscious, the vehicle is powered by hydrogen fuel cells and electricity. The in-wheel motor and magnetic suspension motor of the rear wheel aid in gaining momentum.

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  • Altec Lansing Speakers in red and black

    Designer Jinwoo Han has showcased his talents with the Torch Lamp, so much so that it picked up the IDEA Award. This time round he has put up some concepts for Altec Lansing. The speaker set with 2.1ch and sub-woofer look smoking hot in a deep red and black combo. As is with most concepts, not much info is given about the specs, so as usual we’ll let the pictures do the talking. Check out more after the jump.

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    LED Cellphone concept uses battery for juice AAA

    The two things that govern the choice of a mobile phone;
    One: its looks
    Two: it’s battery life
    The LED Cellphone concept scores ten on ten in both these parameters. Designed by Tao Ma, Yue Meng and Jenny Pan, the phone sports a sleek body that looks groovy in black. It seems to come with it’s own docking station, however I cannot confirm this. All the navigation functions are carried out via the ample LED screen and the icing of course is that it requires only 2 AAA batteries to power it. Besides the batteries you can also juice up the device via USB.

    Mirror Talk reads the fine print loud and clear!

    mirror-talk.jpg What do you get when you put five enthusiastic designers in an arena to output an award-winning device? You get the Mirror Talk. Designers Le Li, Long Li, Xiao-Ming Yang, Bing Zhang and Xiang-Fei Ran have conjured up the Mirror Talk. This is an electronic magnifier that blows up the print to a size that is comfortable for you to view. The sleek body packs in an internal camera with a powerful lens that can zoom in and out of documents with ease. Like most concept devices, this too delves out very little specs, but this I can tell you, it has a search function that probably aids to find particular words or pick up specific paragraphs from the text. Mirror Talk consists of a circular disk kind of device that helps in reading a document. A pen-like probe is used to navigate it. The designed picked up silver at the 8th Lite-On Awards.

    Embossing Braille Printer will be a boon for the sight-impaired

    embossing_braille_printer.jpg Sight is a gift most taken for granted, like you reading this post or me typing it. However being blind is no longer a handicap considering the number of aids propping up for easy survival. If it’s not the Jojo, then it could be a portable Braille printer. Designers Guang-Shen Guo and Danni Luo from China have devised the Embossing Braille Printer. This unique portable device has the ability to distinguish items via special embossed labels. I am not very clear about how exactly this thing works because my translation skill are not up to the mark, but it seems worthy enough to pick up the Silver Medal for the 8th Lite-On Awards. The intuitive interface not only prints out Braille labels but also features an audio prompter that repeats whatever is being printed in an electronic voice.

    Housekeep system keeps a check on your electricity consumption

    Ever so often I have a showdown with my kids on the ethics of leaving a room. I constantly bicker about switching off lights and fans, or unhooking the power cords and switching off the TV as well. What they don’t realize is that even if you turn off the gadgets with a remote, you need to switch them completely off from the mains to reduce power consumption. Leave aside the mounting bill; wastage of power takes a toll on our resources. The design team of Yen-Ting Kuo, Ming-Xian Sun and I-Pei Chang from Taiwan has conceptualized a system called the Housekeep. In this system, one needs to plug-in all the mains to this board. Housekeep, then in turn keeps a tab on your consumption and points out the flaws.

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    Sony Walkman MD design assumes many forms

    French designer Jeremie Mallet is young and raring to take the design world by storm. I was exceptionally impressed with his renders for Sony Walkmans. Agreed that in this day and age the concept of MP3 players has assumed the iPod form, but this refreshing change is like spiking water with a twist of mint! Soothing and stimulating, for a change her are some designs that can do their talking and words totally fail!

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    Jojo is a smart device that will help the blind navigate

    Sight is such a precious gift that we take for granted; it only takes a moment of mishap to make us realize how special we are. The Jojo by Inga Paukšte-Urb is a navigation device that gives independence to the blind. It is meant to give them autonomy of movement in the big city. It features street navigation via GPS that feeds in the required information to the device. Jojo replicates a human voice and gives out instructions after collecting the data with the help of ultrasonic sensors. Apparently tourists can use it as a handy device as well. However one may use it, Jojo promises to be the steady companion giving directions to its handicapped owners, and giving them the confidence to move around with surety.

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    Nissan Shiraz concept is a cross between a sports car and SUV

    Spanish designer Miguel Ángel Iranzo Sánchez (sexy name!) has designed and equally sexy car for Nissan, the Shiraz. This healthy cross between a SUV and a sports car won the designer a scholarship at a Master in Car Design in Valencia and a Nissan Note. What really captivates me is the cool combination of silver offset with purple windscreen and windows. The awesome doors give the car the oomph-factor and I can really picture handsome hunks taking their girls for a spin in the beauty! A well deserved victory for Miguel.

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    Jacquez Underwater Camera is for taking pictures in the deep sea

    Designer Taryn Zychal has a good grasp at what she wants, thus this Jacquez Camera is a complete solution for taking pictures underwater. Those who have experienced a scuba dive will realize that the water in the reefs may not be as clear and crisp as one sees on shows in TV. In actuality, the grainy vision may hamper the pleasure of a good dive. However while taking photographs underwater, the Jacquez Camera will aid you with a simple interface, slanted screen for optimal clarity and an optional fisheye lens. The camera even has the land/underwater option. The camera gets its name from the greatest underwater photographer Jacquez Cousteau, and is attribute to him. It was developed for the Sealife.

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