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    Kenwood Hibachi Speaker- oval and rocking!

    Imagine an orb that diffuses sublime sound and music that reverberates the notes and transcends to a different plane. A fully wireless speaker whose rotund shape defines its independence; I am talking about The Kenwood Hibachi. This is a cordless speaker that assumes a round shape and is directed to the heart of the living space. With strong references to the Japanese foyer as the “warmest place at home”, the speaker comes with a transmitter that hooks onto your audio source and has a 30-meter range. It features an ambient light that can be set to glow at an intensity suiting your mood and is customizable.

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  • Surfboard BIT for Huawei is a broadband wonder

    Sitting on the computer all day long, typing out gizmo stories for you guys to read, I can totally understand the need for a good Internet connection. It happened with me today, my net connection was erratic and I had a hard time researching my write-ups. The Surfboard designed by Loe Designs for Huawei Techniologies is an award winning design that is a broadband information terminal designed for people who need to stay connected to the web all the time. It features a powerful Internet browser plus accommodates multi-media audio/video and communication functions as well. Sporting a 5″ 16:9 TFT touch screen it has a1M pixels camera, high-speed input/output access and great capacity storage

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    Energy Box powers and plays various gadgets

    Although it is still a concept, the Energy Box could prove to be a vital link in you turning eco-friendly. This unique box designed by Jiang Hao from China, uses solar energy to power and recharge various devices. It has a very functional slot on top of the box that accommodates your device. MP3 player, mobile phone or camera, it hooks any of these plus plays back music or doubles up as a handsfree. The Energy Box has the capability to turn the trapped solar energy to electric, so that you can juice up the gadgets. It would be great if such concepts are encouraged and they see the light of the day. Considering the number of gadgets a single person uses these days, it would prove to be a magnificent way to turn environmentally conscious.

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    Sunrise Concept Car focuses on ample natural light

    There have been many concept cars developed in the name of progressive technology, but very few are there that have a sever focus on design. The Sunrise is a concept car that was designed by the students of the Hunan University. Although there is very little information available for the concept, the images speak for themselves. What really strikes you when you view a slide is the ample windshield that extends to the roof. Urging you to simply Drive Your Passion, the concept focuses on bringing as much natural light into the car. Although the extent of safety of this idea cannot be guaranteed, it looks sturdy enough to pass all road-safety regulations. Doing away with the need for a sunroof, Sunrise hope to make your journey as beautiful as possible.

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    Sony Ericsson Video Phone could be the next handycam

    All this while you thought you couldn’t do without your handycam, phone, musicplayer etc. but if Sony has its way, you may be able to have just one gadget that does it all for you. It will be your mobile phone, still-camera, video recorder, PDA, music player; in short everything bundled together. This concept phone has a unique twist to it, to lock it or use it; you need to twist the movable base. It sports a 5 MP camera and has dual mode. You can either use the simple keypad or a stylus for inputs. WiFi and music/ video broadcasting capabilities complete the package. It also features handwriting recognition, which is quite an essential function for gadgets. This brilliant concept could give the Nokia Xpress phones a run for their money.

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    Lenovo Hard Drive Reveals all at the touch of a finger

    Hard Drives have the sole purpose of cramming your information into their bellies. However the biggest problems with this storehouse of information, is that you need to boot the entire system to access info like memory and capacity. This Lenovo external HD concept seems to have hit the nail on the head, with its finger-touch access and external display. The surface of the drive acts like a fingerprint reader; acting like a password it the readily displays the memory space left and other info via the digital display. A wonderful idea, that would help the geeks know how much more info they can pack-in, in a jiffy!
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    Post It-Dart Clock reminds you of chores

    Now here is an interesting design that incorporates two aspects of life that keep you from being tardy. For starters, this is a clock, an ordinary clock that has the simple function of telling you the time, so that you are never late for your next commitment. Secondly it features a note board carved into each hour, so that you can pin up those reminders. This way you get to see those notes glaring into your face, reminding you to do the job promptly. I’m not sure, but if this design does include an alarm at the hour of the posted note, it would compliment the purpose as well.

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    Wii-Fit Twister Contraption for a healthy you

    The ready excuse of having no time will soon be redundant if the Computer Health board ever takes shape. This humongous keyboard or rather footboard is supposed to be placed on the floor. Using the indent keys and feet, the board aims at giving you a workout right in your office. Instead of using your fingers to type, you are supposed to use your feet to key in the text. A very innovative idea that has some semblance to the game called Twister sans the colors and dots. The embedded LED lights allow you to use this keyboard even in darkness, however I wonder why you would want to do that. Teamed with the wireless mouse, this design sure can help those workaholics loose some lard!

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    E-Foot Hotel Card won’t let you get lost in big hotels

    The last time I stayed in this huge resort, I had the most harrowing time locating the restaurants and play areas. No offence to the huge sizes, but guest can easily get lost, if they don’t carry the guide maps or ask the staff for help. Yes, staying in plush, luxury hotels does have this as a big sore point, navigating around the place. Not all of us remember to carry the maps, so an ingenious designer has come up with the E-Foot Hotel Card. This card is not only your room key but also is an electronic device that directs you to your room or point of interest in the hotel. Assuming the shape of a normal card, the design is easy to pocket and is handy as well. Doing away with the need to ask around, the map shows up on the digital interface guiding you through to the destination. It is aimed for the medium to big sized hotels and resorts.

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    Fanning Commercial Vehicle Opens Up to Host Exhibitions

    Imagine being able to tour on the road with all your exhibits in tow and holding impromptu exhibitions and interacting with the public. I guess every artist sometime in his career would want this kind of communication. Well let’s not confine this wonderful design just to the artsy types, the concept vehicle you see here is nothing but marvelous that can be ideal for touring musicians or activists. It opens up from the sides and props up folding canopies to function as a viewing area. What you display or showcase inside the gallery is up to you. It’s a totally road-show friendly design that flaps out to encompass a large area. The cabin itself is quite roomy, and big enough to seat five people at a time. The luggage storage is also ample. As my Chinese is no-good and I am unable to tell you more about the vehicle, but I simply love this concept of taking the road-show trip, hence I had to bring this to you.

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