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    Buggati SAV Concept car

    Vincent Morin has just won my vote for a promising designer. I like him not for his name, and neither for his renderings…I love him for conjuring up a Buggati SAV, that looks classy and magnanimous as this. Now you must understand, that I have no inkling as what was in going on in Vincent’s head while he was designing this beauty, as he has left no clue or trail for me to sniff. What I can decipher is that beast has some gorgeous wheels, and the compelling front view of the car is simply breathtaking! I for one would love to see this move from the drawing board to the production line. That I can’t afford it is a completely different story.

  • Electric Dauphin is a City Vehicle Concept

    The roads are getting narrower and the pavements, congested; how does a person get to work and back without the fuss of traffic and overbearing pedestrian? Well, Segway could be an answer, but wouldn’t that be too reckless for an office-go-er? How about the Electric Dauphin conceptualized by Ricardo Baiao. This really cool vehicle is a concept that requires minimum fuss. It juices up power via the electrical mains, just like how you would charge your mobile phone! In about six hours of charging you get a top-up; which I feel is pretty damn good! In the designer’s own words, “The Dauphin was designed to be a smart vehicle with a high rate cost efficient and not to harm by any way the environment.” This means you’ll have an eco-friendly baby in your hands!

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    Motostyles Moto Boom and Moto Tattoo add a dash of funk

    There are two kinds of mobile phone users:
    One- who just use it to make and receive calls
    Two- who use it as an accessory to make a style statement!!
    I belong to the latter category and like every girl, I think of various ways to pimp up my phone. Motorola totally understands the need for owning a great phone that not only functions well, but also is high on the glam-quotient! Johannes Holl designed the concepts for Motostyles, Moto Boom and Moto Tattoo. Besides being individualistic, the phones display the potential to personalize the skins of a Moto in a very unique way.

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    HP Eon Security device is a digital lock with a difference

    No matter how hard you may try, if some one wants to break into your system and access sensitive files, he will be able to do so. In this day and age it is foolhardy to under estimate a cyber criminal’s potency. The HP Eon is a gadget devised by Phil Bartoszewicz and is a concept for the future that focuses on the emerging trend of our reliance on digital media. The Eon acts like a security lock that will not allow lay-users to access private information or files on your gadgets and devices. It works wirelessly and can be synced with your PC, smartphone, PDAs and laptops. The device has a digital display on one face that shows the current time, available memory and the power.

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    Think Outside Folding Keyboard for Plam

    The Palm is a fine phone, not many complain about it. However like most PDA users, there is the grouse of typing out emails on miniscule keys that haunt us workers. An apt solution could be the Think Outside Folding Keyboard specifically designed for Palm. So far we have come across single foldable keyboards, the designers at Ammunition take the concept a step ahead and have given it a triple fold. This makes it neat and compact and portable enough to carry. The clever design makes sure that once it’s folded up, the keyboard looks like a sleek box that is slightly larger than a deck of coasters.

    Dell Web PC desktop PC system

    While browsing for material to write on, I came across the company Ammunition. Their work on design has been phenomenal, and some of their concepts are so crisp that their 20-year’s of expertise is evident. They have worked with the biggies in the industry and here is their take on Dell Web PC desktop PC system. The combination of gray on orange is bright as well as subdued at the same time. Unfortunately specs on this are not there. So all we can do here is appreciate a good design. Did you notice that the screen is mounted on the CPU? Wicked, eh!

    The Library Concept is a reader’s delight

    The word library probably means to you a collection of books, music or maybe even movies. Not very far from this thought is the Library Concept by designer Massimo Marrazzo. This Italian designer has bundled together a virtual keyboard, an electronic book, a PC, and a pen scanner all into one device. A very lethal combo, the device also hosts flexible display and has the 4GB memory, which is not very much but fortunately it can be remedies with expansions. The cheery-on-top is that The Library has Bluetooth capabilities as well. This functional device can store all your reading material and probably lets you jot down notes next to your reading (that’s why the pen scanner is there I guess), plus the virtual keyboard does away with the need to carry a keyboard around with this portable device.

    Design of a MP3-Harddisc-Player by Stefan Jaeger

    With sleek and slim designs hitting the market, an odd rotund device always catches your eye. Designer Stefan Jaeger has conceptualized a very handsome MP3 Harddisc-Player, that looks fab in this bulky form. Of course the svelte figure must have been ditched to accommodate the Harddisc. The simple design incorporates a display screen that relays all info regarding the track, volume, battery power etc. Five simple navigation buttons are there to let you choose your playlist and hear the songs. However the play, stop and pause buttons have been placed to different side of the player. There are no signs of a speaker to the body, but I think if this design comes to the streets, it will do a lot better if includes them to the design.
    More pics after the jump.

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    Jeep Laptop concept By Chris Owens

    Jeep is a vehicle that stands for all-terrain and exudes strength and power. Thus when you place its form as an inspiration, nothing but the best can be expected. Designer Chris Owen has designed a dominant laptop concept that bears semblance to the powerful-roadster. It is a laptop designed to accompany you on the trail, and its formidable stance communicates strength. There is no doubt the exterior body of the lappie matches the Jeep design language. Take for instance the grills and bonnet styling is seen on the seams and shell of the lappie. The biggest plus point of this concept is that it places the laptop in a weather sealed enclosure, so that you can take it on all your road trips with the Jeep.

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    Froggy Sink ensures oral hygiene for kids in a fun way

    Getting my two children to brush their teeth is Herculean task. I can’t fathom their aversion to the toothpaste and brush, and as an epitome of rebellion I receive a scrumptious kiss every morning full of stale breath! I guess, they wouldn’t be kids if they didn’t do these kinds of mischief, but I really worry about their hygiene. How nice it would be if I could install this Froggy Sink! A playful, indulgent basin, that resembles a frog, hopes to capture your kid’s vivid imagination and urges him to be hygiene conscious. A very clever design that can has provisions for folding up; The Froggy Sink looks like a clear winner that could help moms like me in their daily struggle to instill some good manners!

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