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    BRIX mobile concept uses building-bricks as a theme

    Designer Seok won Hong has a clever piece of concept on his hands. Imagine personal multimedia mobile phone that can be used with other BRIX phones to build up a bigger screen. BRIX is designed with bricks having 1:2 rates and can be combined with several BRIXs. The basic purpose is to get together as many BRIX as possible and have grand viewing of your fav games and movies when on the go. Navigating the menu is also pretty simple as the information screen is on the top of the Main screen and Remote control screen can be combined with Main screen.

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  • The Magnetic Lamp is a source of U-light

    The bend in lamp makes you think you are holding a jug-handle without the jug, but in reality it’s a lamp that sticks onto most metallic surfaces. Like magic-tricks that enthralled as kids, the Magnetic Lamp takes inspiration from the Attraction-properties of a magnet. Designed on the lines of a horseshoe magnet, the lamp is fashioned U, with rubber tips at both the ends. Composed of two sections, the rubber tips and the lamp, designer Seokmoon Woo conceals the magnets in the rubber end. When you place the tips onto a metallic surface, the magnets latch-on to the surface plus trigger off the internal switch, which turns on the lamp.

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    Park your Butt on the HIM & HER Chair

    If you do have a sense of humor and maybe want to show it off to you colleagues or friends, then you may want to get one of these chiseled butts, Him & Her chair by designer Fabio Novembre. It employs a pretty basic concept that highlights the posterior of the human anatomy with much aplomb. This gender based set looks quirky enough fit into my abode, but I wonder how many of us would dare sit on them. Ample buttocks aside, the more I think of it, the more I like the idea of picturing Brad Pitt on one of these, (guys can fantasize Angelina on the other one!).

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    Scribble Scanner + Digital Data Traveller for work, travel and leisure

    How about a gadget that does it all for you? It does some work for you; it entertains you in your spare time and is handy and nifty. Such perceptive designs are usually concepts and that’s what the Scribble Scanner + Digital Data Traveller by designer Sandip Paul is. Allow me to explain the concept of its workings…
    Joy of pencil-writing
    The ring of the gadget goes through your pencil and scans whatever you pencil down.
    The data is stored in the ring scanner and transfers the content to the receiver via Bluetooth.
    Joy of sleeping
    The device also works as an alarm clock and displays the time as well.
    Sense of music
    It doubles up as an MP3 player and voice recorder.

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    Plant a Diamond concept encourages savings and a Swarosvki

    In this day of advanced technology and vegetarianism, the concept of smashing a piggy bank has undergone a drastic transformation. This has been highlighted by the advent of new-age designs that sees actual miniature banks or ATMs being designed for kids. However grownups too need incentives to save for more serious stuff than an ice cream binge. Shimmy with diamonds and rubies or new Cocktail Dress; whatever the reasons, Daniel Loves Objects! (that’s what the designer is called) has come up with this totally grownup way to save. The Plant a Diamond features Crystal LED that literally grows a diamond once you’ve saved sufficient pennies.

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    Xbox Ride for Peugeot, Microsoft goes the vehicle way?

    Arturo Millan is one hell of a cross branding expert. How else would you explain the Microsoft and Peugeot connection? Imagine designing a car for Peugeot on the lines of the Xbox theme! How original! His concept involves surfboards as well that bear the Xbox branding. I suppose all this suggests that our friend is a total gaming freak and simply adores the console. Good for Microsoft and Peugeot; what a wonderful connection!
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    Save Trees- Grow homes in them!

    It sounds like a crazy idea, but if scientists from US and Israel have their way, Cinderella of the next-gen will be doing her chores in a ecological home grown from tree roots. The ingenious ‘tree-homes’ use advanced techniques of airoponics, where plants are grown without soil. If you don’t believe this story then just stick around for another decade, because that’s when the first prototype of this house will be ready. Plantware, who already have dabbled in creating bus-shelters, park benches and traffic lights from their unique growing techniques, is backing the project. Get a load of this; the house will be constructed from actual tree roots to any design specification and come equipped with a host of eco-friendly features such as solar panels and wind harvesting fans. The self-sufficient abodes would draw their energy from clean energy sources and recycle human waste into valuable nutrients for the living trees.

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    Peugeot Design Contest-My personal Top 5

    Everybody is raving about the Peugeot Design Contest, which is a platform that gives young innovative designers to show-off their talents and skills. Of the 29 finalists, I have my personal favorites too and have complied a Top 5 list. Some of them are here because of their specs and other are here purely for their looks. Hope you agree with my list.
    5) SVP by Mickael Soubabère (France)
    This French designer believes in the essence of family and that they should travel together. He is also concerned about the environment and the ecology on the whole. He understands the need to be mobile plus has the sensitivity to take into account the carbon footprint. The SVP is a car concept that works on solar energy. It uses photocells for charging the car but also relies on a backup namely hybrid electrical plug. The design also takes inspiration from a mother’s womb where the unborn child is most comfortable. Hence the interiors of this car reflect this idea. Like a protective cocoon, the car is small built and easy to park. Automatic doors, folding windscreen and a threshold the height of the sidewalk are the key features of this design.

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    Samsung SDI AMOLED phone in various hues

    Samsung or as fondly called Sammy, has treated us to many new designs and concepts in the past. A true innovator of style and technology, Sammy now embraces new frontiers and dishes out state-of-the-art products that always find a place in our homes and hearts. Although they do have some pretty neat phones in the market, the top-spot has always evaded their endeavors. Korean design company Moto, has developed their take on the Samsung SDI AMOLED phone. AMOLED or Active matrix (AM) OLED displays stack cathode, organic, and anode layers on top of another layer. AM OLED pixels turn on and off more than three times faster than the speed of conventional motion picture film – making these displays ideal for fluid, full-motion video. Expecting the AM-OLED market to grow to US$4.6 billion by 2014, this phone would be a wise move for Sammy. Seen here is the phone in various hues and all of them look delightful.

    Nokia N-XT concept by Chris stems out of frustration

    Quite disgruntled with the pieces Nokia has been dishing out, Symbian Freak-Chris has designed his own concept of a Nokia phone. The Nokia N-XT is his take on the Nseries smartphone. In this he incorporates a display that can both slide and swivel, touting the device as a smart-video-photo-projector-phone. Here are the specs of this whish-list concept:
    * 4.1 inch full-touch display with a Wide-VGA resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and 16 million colors
    * Symbian S60 5th Edition Touch interface
    * 8-way D-pad
    * quad-band WCDMA connectivity
    * 8 MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens, optical zoom, auto focus, face detection, xenon flash & dual-LED flash and video recording (WVGA at 30fps)
    * Dedicated graphics processor unit (GPU)
    * Accelerometer
    * A-GPS and compass
    * Built-in DLP 720p projector
    * Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    * Audio & Video players
    * FM radio and FM transmitter
    * 3.5mm audio jack
    * 24GB of internal memory plus microSDHC support
    * 1,800 mAh battery

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