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    This Dubai Hotel houses 75,000 sq ft of rainforest within it

    If there was a hotel that also packaged tours along with its dwelling facilities then the Rosemont Hotel and Residences couldn’t have it any easier. The Dubai-based hotel will house a rainforest within its premises and will pretty much offer guests something they wouldn’t dream of finding in the desert land. The hotel has announced that it will host a 75,000 square foot rainforest with a manmade beach and a splash pool with steam that will use recycled and treated water. The two-tower complex will surely have a massive area to manage something this ambitious. Designed by ZAS Architects Dubai, guests will also be treated to sky lobbies and an edgeless pool with a glass bottom that overlooks the Gulf.
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  • Nendo creates minimalist Star Wars memorabilia

    The force is strong with those who manage to portray a lot with just a few cuts and curves. That’s why the minimalist work by Nendo has us impressed, especially since it is Star Wars that they’re covering. With a total of sixteen abstract minimalist Star Wars representations to offer, Nendo is now attracting fanboys to the more subtle representations of their favorite franchise. The designs of the figurines are characterized by the presence of key elements such as masks, hair and clothing. The sixteen designs all have rounded tops and concave bases. The idea is to enable the characters to be stacked on top of one another. The idea is to offer these designs as a base designs that can be built upon.
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    The Pendulum Sound Machine creates a unique beat

    The objects that inspire a beat pattern are countless. From falling rain to train tracks, everything creates a sequence of beat patterns that could be unique. Taking inspiration from the movement of record-styled rotating disks, Kyouei Design has created a Pendulum Sound Machine that employs sixteen weighted brass pendulums that swing and strike two salad plates on top of the apparatus to create a unique sequence of beats. The bumps on the record are responsible for the sequential sounds. The catch is, each time you change the plate surface, material or diameter, you hear a different sound. The sequence of beats isn’t structured such that it could be converted to rhythmic music patterns but it surely does create an enchanting drizzle of beats that sound calming. The sound sequence is close to random and resembles that of falling raindrops.

    The Pendulum Sound Machine was on display at DesignBoom’s Yakitate exhibition (which translates to ‘freshly baked’).



    [ Via : Thecreatorsproject ]

    Philips PowerPouch DLP7003 iPhone charger doubles up as a sheath

    While your iPhone enjoys being the most excitable and well-treated gizmo in your tech collage, it is also necessary to keep it powered up and protected at all times. The Philips PowerPouch DLP7003 iPhone charger, which is basically a power bank, pumps 7,000 mAh power into your iPhone and that too with style. The charger is so designed that it charges your phone while holding it. Rubber-coated and corrugated on the surface, the charger looks amazing and has a rich touch to it. The charging port is connected with a loop-shaped Lightning cable. The USB cable needed to recharge the power bank is discretely integrated within the design of the power bank.
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    Japanese studio Nendo designs an illusional post-it cube

    cube (6)
    Design sees no boundaries because it’s just as wide an expanse as one’s imagination can be. So, when we set our eyes on this amazing post-it cube/block, we decided to share it with you. Designed by Japan’s Nendo design studio that incorporates post-it notes of various sizes and dimensions on a three sided block that resembles a perfect cube. The optical illusion created by the block is rather delightful and can make it quite the eye-catcher on your office desk. It’s called the ‘Block Memo’ and comprises of one side that has large square-like note, which is flanked by medium sticky rectangles on one side and really small rectangles on the other. I wonder how it would impact the appearance of the cube should one side be completely depleted of sticky notes.
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    Kurv Guitar is like playing the air guitar with actual sound

    The Kurv Guitar is basically a stringless electric guitar. While it does well to cut the volume of space that a real guitar takes as well as the calluses caused by tabbing strings, this one also contributes in the learning of a guitar. All you need to do is work on your touch, gesture control and motion, with precision. The digital plectrum and touchpad with eight distinct touch-points on your palm basically make up the Kurv Guitar. The harder you strum the louder the sound of the struck chord. You can connect it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The touch-sensitive touchpad can be used to play up to 60 hit songs that come with the smartphone app.
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    This iPhone 7 concept sees off the 3.5 mm jack

    While we’re contemplating what features the iPhone 7 could bring and drop, designer Eric Huismann has visualized one concept that completely does away with the 3.5 mm jack. Instead, he hopes for a world where iPhone users will be entertained wirelessly. The main reason for this is the fact that the future iPhones could be really slim. Wireless headsets that connect over Bluetooth or Lightning ports seem to be quite a possibility. He’s also added his touch to the classical Home button. The all new button introduces a 3D touch function. Keeping in trend with other brands, the artist has also predicted the coming of a smaller, 4-inch device that keeps the price conscious and size conscious folks satisfied.
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    Pedal-powered personal pods brings fitness and clean travel to NZ

    Called the Shweeb, this cool idea of transport from New Zealand is grabbing eyeballs and the attention of people across the globe. The idea of a personal transportation pod may be rather fascinating but the fact that it can take you distances by simply employing pedal power is even more attractive as a proposition. The designers who developed the Shweeb are looking at this as an environment-friendly mode of transport. By leveraging a monorail system to guide users along a path, the pod is powered by the rider’s ability to pedal across distances. Thanks to the special chain system, the pod takes only half the energy required on a bicycle to travel. The designers have taken a step ahead and linked Shweebs to enhance performance and cut down on the impact of air resistance.
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    Rinspeed’s Etos Autonomous concept car pairs with a drone, paints the future of automobiles

    With the approaching CES 2016, we can see more being done on the concept front. Take Rinspeed for instance. Their Etos Autonomous concept car is absolutely love-worthy and packs an added punch to the experiences it promises to deliver. While self-driving is commonplace among new releases, the Etos takes a bold new approach where it focuses on the comfort and experience of the driver and passenger. The car is built around the flagship BMW i8 chassis and drivetrain with an addition of several other features. The retracting steering wheel from ZF TRW is a practical solution for space-saving. Other exciting additions to the interior of the car include the pair of curved 21.5-inch HD widescreen displays, great connectivity and human interactivity interfaces on the dash as well a gesture and voice recognition. On the outside, the doors come with vertical hinges, 8 exterior cameras keep an eye out on the surroundings to ensure no blind spots and of course, the amazing drone that is accommodated on a landing pad that is studded with 12,000 individually controlled LEDs.
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    Tetris House by Universe Architecture is ready for distribution

    Ever watched that piling mound of Tetris blocks and wondered if you could make a shape out of it all? Well, I did. But for those who want something a little more realistic for their taste there’s always some concept art or the other. In this case, Universe Architecture have a ready-to-distribute house that is actually based on the Tetris block idea. Each module of the house has been design in a manner where it can link with the other module. That way you can design and customize your own home by simply adding these dwelling blocks together. How cool is that? The exteriors are much too transparent for our taste but the idea of having a modular home that can be scaled and expanded based on any random whim. So, if on one fine day you decide that your bedroom needs a balcony just speak the word and voila, you’ll have one attached as if it were adding a swing.
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