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    How Do I Choose the Right Granite Worktops?

    Granite is among the most popular raw materials for kitchen worktops. Most homeowners prefer granite worktops over the rest for several reasons. First, granite has a natural and impressive look. These worktops are unique as they are available in their natural look. The other reason is durability. Granite makes the most durable worktops you will ever find on the market. These worktops are also resistant to all kinds of damage. If you are thinking of installing granite worktops, you may have come across different types of worktops. How do you choose the right granite worktops in Ireland?
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  • Space Saving Hacks for your Home

    Do you struggle to use the space in your home effectively? If you’re tired of living in a house that feels smaller than it should or need to free up space for a new project, then here are some space saving hacks to change your life!
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    A Few ways to Make Editing In Final Cut Pro Easier

    The world of video editing has benefited greatly in the past few years from huge forward strides in software development. As a result of the rapid progress and constant improvements being made, it can be challenging for even a very experienced video editor, to stay on top of all the latest features and shortcuts – much less take advantage of them on a day-to-day basis. And those new to the video editing scene often won’t even be aware of some of the basic shortcuts, and thus will be doing things the hard way every single time.
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    What Do You Get from Azure File Share Archiving?

    One of the services in the notably long list of Azure services is Azure file share archiving. This Azure cloud service is being advertised for its ability to reduce storage costs by up to 87% while providing adequate data protection. But what exactly does this service do? How does it help reduce storage costs by a massive percentage?
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    Some Top Kitchen and Bedroom Hacks that will Make Your Move Easier

    A move entails a lot of work, not just when it comes to sorting through your stuff and packing it, but also making arrangements with utility companies and the like. If you are planning a move, you need to be sure that everything is arranged before your scheduled moving date, otherwise, you could be faced with a lot of headaches. Packing, for one, can take weeks and needs to be started as early as possible – especially for the kitchen and bedrooms. So, what can you do to ensure that your move goes according to plan? Here’s a list of kitchen and bedroom hacks that will make your move much easier.
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    Create a Feeling of Luxury in your Bathroom with a Freestanding Bath

    There are two kinds of people: those who enjoy baths, and those who enjoy showers. For people who love baths, choosing the type of tub is a major decision. There are simply too many options to choose from. One example of a type of tub that many people envision having in their bathroom is a freestanding bath. It invokes visions of old Victorian mansions where you get to enjoy a luxurious bath in a lovely claw-foot tub. Freestanding tubs remain popular to this day. For someone who is keen on having a chic bath installed in their bathroom, a freestanding bath definitely fits the bill.
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    The iPhone 8: There’s More Than One Way Home

    Let’s say, for the sake of our argument, you are the sole owner of the only working time machine in existence. Rather than using it for good or evil — like rigging the election so Donald Trump was never elected, killing Hitler, or pulling a Bif and using your sports knowledge to create an empire — you slip through the space-time continuum to ask iPhone users if they care much about the home button.
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    Bugatti Chronos concept smartphone, stylish and loaded with specs!

    Superfast luxury cars are the first thing we think of when we hear Bugatti, although recently a blog named “Designed by Hege” has released concept design of Bugatti’s smartphone. The concept Bugatti Chronos smartphone would include a 5.5-inch IPS LCD display with a Quad HD resolution, 23-megapixel rear and 16-megapixel front cameras, internal storage of 64 GB which is expandable upto 256 GB through a MicroSD slot, 4 GB RAM and a long lasting 4,020 mAh battery. It would also have USB Type-C port. Other features include wireless charging, a fingerprint scanner, IR blaster, and Bugatti notification alert. The concept device is also water resistant to IP68 certification standard. It has been designed by ace concept designer, Mladen Milic, who has also designed the Asus Z2 Poseidon concept phone! It’s not the first time an automobile company has ventured into the smartphone business, Volkswagen had also announced its association with Android Auto, among other car manufacturers such as Hyundai, Honda, Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC which support both Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay. Another instance is when Land Rover tied up with the UK based Bullitt Group to develop Land Rover-branded smartphones and accessories.
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    Tech Gadgets Every Designer Would Love To Have

    Tech Gadgets Every Designer Would Love To Have
    Being a designer means keeping ahead of the game with new technology, whether it’s for work or a better lifestyle. CES 2016 has only just been and gone, so we’re keeping an eye out for all of the new innovations that we would want to own. The following tools are sure to become part of your wish list too!
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    Why this iPhone 7 concept keeps showing up on the Internet

    While many Internet funny sites showcased the iPhone’s evolution as one that contributed only to the size of the device, not many envisioned a concept that would be as radical as this one. This concept iPhone 7 is something that really struck a chord and the video went viral to a reception of awe. The highlight in the video is the large flexible widescreen display of the device that shows off images, the size you would expect in a large iPad. The phone turns into a tablet with a mere button press. The edges of the phone are curved making it look like a rather curious spin-off of the original phone. The volume buttons lie along the edge of the phone while the widescreen button is large and is situated on the top of the handset. When pressed, the carbon fiber arms behind the phone’s screen stretch to display the elaborate rendition of the screen.
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