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    Air Trekkers, stilts that let you jump 10 feet in the air

    air-trekkerWe’ve always been fascinated with stilts. Not because of the fact that they’re particularly dangerous and could result in serious injuries, but simply because they give you a bird’s eye view most of us would kill for. That’s probably why the Air Trekkers concept has managed to catch our eyes so quickly. These “stilts” literally enable wearers to jump more than 10 feet in the air, doubling up as a perfect pass time on a sunny spring day!
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  • First-responder Angell Unit bike promises to reach emergency spots faster

    responder-motorcycle-concept-9First-responder vehicles are specifically designed to reach places of emergency, at times when life and death is separated by a few precious minutes. Quite often, these vehicles, like ambulances and fire-trucks, are caught in traffic jams and reach emergency spots late, resulting in the loss of life and property. Instead, designer Marty Laurita has come up with this two-wheel all-purpose emergency vehicle that’s capable of breaking free from gridlocked streets quicker than other first-responder vehicles.
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    Mexico City to soon play home to an ultra modern airport

    mexico-city-airport-1Airports are big. We all know that for a fact. That fact is also the reason why most architects love designing airports, since they work as oversized canvases and sandboxes they can play with. Recently, TEN arquitectos + SOM + SENER had the opportunity to propose a design for the newly planned airport in Mexico City and the folks behind it all seem to have gone all out with this one! The Mexican government will soon pick out a design by the end of July and we’re hoping this concept gets a shot.
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    Jyrobike, the self-balancing bicycle, promises to keep you off the floor

    self-balancing-jyrobikeThey say the more you fall off your bike, the quicker you learn. What they actually forget to tell you is the fact that falling off your bike will give you more cuts and bruises than a Spartan fighting against the Persian forces. A bunch of geniuses have worked hard to keep all the pain and tears away and have come up with a bicycle that’s capable of balancing itself, much like a Segway! The Philadelphia team created this contraption called the Jyrobike that promises to teach you how to ride quicker than ever!
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    Ford unveils a Fusion concept that’s 25% lighter than the original

    ford-fusion-concept-2The current Ford Fusion on shelves isn’t a particularly over-weight car, but that hasn’t stopped the American automaker from sending its brainchild to a weight-loss program. Ford has unveiled this concept version of the Fusion that’s nearly 25% lighter than the original! The lightweight Fusion concept is 800 pounds lighter than the original. This makes the concept Fusion just as light as the Fiesta, Ford’s smallest car.
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    The Floating City will enable mankind to live in the sea

    Floating-city-1Let’s face the fact that the urban world has expanded horizontally to such an extent, that human beings have now begun living several hundred feet off the ground. Instead, in the future, humankind could soon use the waters of the world as a place of inhabitation! Chinese construction firm CCCC commissioned AT Design Office to design the Floating City that will offer an alternative to destroying the earth’s valuable countryside. Covering an area of four square miles, the Floating City will use a series of prefabricated hexagonal modules connected by yachts and submarines.
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    Heimplanet creates a camping tent attachable to the Audi Q3

    Inflatable-tentNot a lot of people hate camping. Those who do probably hate it because of all the logistical preparations that goes into planning the perfect trip. However, with innovations like these, things do get a lot simpler, particularly if the car you’ve got parked in your garage downstairs is the Audi Q3. What we’ve got here is a tent developed by Heimplanet, a company that works with Audi to create inflatable tents. This one can be dissembled into the back of an Audi Q3 and takes approximately seven minutes to deploy.
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    MIT creates robotic arms that can help you do additional chores

    mit-robot-armsLet’s be honest. There have indeed been a bunch of times when we’ve dearly wished we had more than just two arms. Times like when we’re at the movies, trying to hold on to the popcorn, the nachos, the soda and our smartphones, at the same time. Well, here’s an extra pair of arms you could use, robotic arms to be a little more precise. Created by a group of researchers from MIT, these robotic arms are meant to be strapped on to a user’s back like a backpack.
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    SproutsIO technology allows users to Facetime with their urban indoor microfarms!

    sproutsio-1Have you always wished to grow fresh strawberries at home? Have space crunches always crushed your farming dreams? Thanks to the SproutsIO indoor microfarming system by the students at MIT Media Lab, all of this could soon be possible! In an interview with Co.Design, designer Jenny Broutin Farah, a grad student at MIT says, “Our hope is that it becomes a new kind of standard. We’re not saying people are going to stop going to grocery stores or getting food delivered to their homes, but we’re interested in providing people with an alternative.”
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    Researchers create robots in an oven by baking pieces of plastic!

    making-robotSoon, making robots will be just as easy as baking a fresh batch of cookies on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, literally. Surprised? Well, you ought to be! Researchers at the MIT, the University of Zurich, and the University of Tokyo has managed to create technology that can be slipped into an oven when raw and pop out as fully-done robots! Here’s how it works. A 2-D laser-cut piece of plastic shaped by an algorithm is to be placed into an oven. As the baking process kicks off, the piece folds out into a 3-D structure.
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