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    MIT creates robotic arms that can help you do additional chores

    mit-robot-armsLet’s be honest. There have indeed been a bunch of times when we’ve dearly wished we had more than just two arms. Times like when we’re at the movies, trying to hold on to the popcorn, the nachos, the soda and our smartphones, at the same time. Well, here’s an extra pair of arms you could use, robotic arms to be a little more precise. Created by a group of researchers from MIT, these robotic arms are meant to be strapped on to a user’s back like a backpack.
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  • SproutsIO technology allows users to Facetime with their urban indoor microfarms!

    sproutsio-1Have you always wished to grow fresh strawberries at home? Have space crunches always crushed your farming dreams? Thanks to the SproutsIO indoor microfarming system by the students at MIT Media Lab, all of this could soon be possible! In an interview with Co.Design, designer Jenny Broutin Farah, a grad student at MIT says, “Our hope is that it becomes a new kind of standard. We’re not saying people are going to stop going to grocery stores or getting food delivered to their homes, but we’re interested in providing people with an alternative.”
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    Researchers create robots in an oven by baking pieces of plastic!

    making-robotSoon, making robots will be just as easy as baking a fresh batch of cookies on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, literally. Surprised? Well, you ought to be! Researchers at the MIT, the University of Zurich, and the University of Tokyo has managed to create technology that can be slipped into an oven when raw and pop out as fully-done robots! Here’s how it works. A 2-D laser-cut piece of plastic shaped by an algorithm is to be placed into an oven. As the baking process kicks off, the piece folds out into a 3-D structure.
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    Chinese develop maglev train capable of touching 1,800 mph

    chinese-loop-vacuum-tech-1One of the few reasons mankind ever had of pulling out oil from the depths of the earth was its obsession with going faster. We’ve come a long way since we first stepped onboard a motorized carriage that got us around. We’re now ready to travel at jaw-dropping speeds and move faster than any of our ancestors have ever done. Behold the latest technological manifestation from the east, a super-maglev train that’s capable of touching speeds of up to 1,800 mph!
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    MINI makes more than just compact cars; unveils an illuminated dance floor too!

    mini-dance-floor-1BMW’s British automotive marquee MINI wants you to dance, real hard. The company has pulled the veil off this fantastic concept called the MINI Interactive Dance Floor, an LED-packed circle that’ll make you want to show off your moves instantly. The dance floor was created in collaboration with Vice Australia and is inspired by the ambient LED lighting found on the 2014 MINI’s dashboard.
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    Tody the crawling robot helps keep your walls clean

    robo-squidThings that crawl around are generally never helpful, particularly if they manage to crawl up your walls too. Stuff like this is best placed in a horror movie, right? Here’s a wall-crawler you’ll fall in love with though, simply because it has no fur, no spindly legs and promises to keep your walls clean. Called Tody, this device is a squishy dust-busting robot cephalopod that’s capable of cleaning away cobwebs and dust. Designed by Turkish designer Rana Alper, the robots four “limbs” each sport 22 steam nozzles, 29 vacuum nozzles and thousands of tiny adhesive pads.
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    Palazzo Italia building sports a web-like green façade

    smog-1There is a reason no one around has commissioned Spider Man to design a building off-late. If they did, the Palazzo Italia is probably what they’d get at the end of it all. Designed by Nemesi & Partners, the building’s façade is constructed of nearly 100,000 square feet of special air-purifying cement, made by Italcementi. The building sports a photovoltaic glass roof that produces solar energy and the entire structure also manages to capture pollutants and purify the air.
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    Tribe Studio helps store bicycles in a Sydney home’s ceiling

    bicycle-pulley-system-1One of the great things of owning a bicycle is the fact that parking that darned contraption isn’t half as difficult as parking a gas-guzzling V6. Keeping this in mind, Australian architects Tribe Studio managed to use the atrium of a home in Sydney for an extraordinary bicycle-parking space! The Studio extended the House Bruce Alexander and added a new volume made from masonry, timber and supporting structural steel columns. This enabled the architects to create a pulley system that literally helps users to store their bicycles in the ceiling of the house!
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    Listen to sounds from afar with the Binaudios

    binaudios-1Have you ever looked at a rock concert from a distance far away, dearly wishing you were present at the spot, swaying to the music? We know we have, just a few weeks ago when we weren’t allowed to gatecrash at a local gig. For times as such, Thinking Digital Arts paired artist Dominic Wilcox and creative technologist James Rutherford together to create this one-of-a-kind contraption called the Binaudios. The name’s a mashup between the terms “binoculars” and “audio”, if you haven’t figured that out already, and the device works just as its name claims it to. The Binaudios enables users to listen to sounds from afar!
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    The Dream Cars exhibit boasts incredible concepts hailing from the decades gone by!

    1970-lancia-stratos-zero-f3q-darkSo you think the Lamborghini Aventador and the BMW i8 are the only cars that’ll never grow old with time, despite the changes in the world of automotive design? Well, get a hold of this! Atlanta’s High Museum of Art has on display 17 concept cars from the past that’ll leave you jaw-dropped and with trembling knees. The Dream Cars exhibit, as this showcase is being called, sports concept cars from as far down history’s lane as 1932!
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