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    Nissan unveils a swanky supercar for a video game, the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

    nissan-virtual-future-supercar-1Years ago, Nissan managed to stop the world of motorcars stop dead in its tracks and stare wide-eyed as the Japanese automotive giant unveiled one of the most legendary vehicles in the world, the GTR. More recently, the company has shown of a swanky futuristic new concept that looks like a Batman-edition of the GTR, christened the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo. However, unlike most automakers in the world, Nissan won’t show off this concept at an auto-show, and will instead have it featured in an upcoming video game!
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  • Lado Bokuchava’s Atelier Kikala Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 collection shimmers bright

    atelier-kikala-collection-0We’ve been spending a lot of our time lately watching the fourth season of the Game of Thrones series, obviously. This is also why Georgian designer Lado Bokuchava’s Atelier Kikala Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 collection caught our eye. We’ve been fantasizing of joining the Gold Cloaks, i.e. the Kingsguard off-late and these clothes seem to perfectly fit our attire wishlists! Made in a palette of monochromatic, colored and metallic hues, Bokuchava’s creations are eye-catching to say the least.
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    Sugru turns LEGO bricks and figurines into cable-holders

    lego-cable-holder-1LEGO bricks are more than just a bane for the barefooted. These bricks can double up as a lot more than play-things and the brainiacs at Sugru have just proven so. These folks have managed to turn LEGO bricks into holders, keystands and more! If you haven’t noticed from the pictures we’ve posted here already, the LEGO figurines are completely capable of holding on to stray USB and accessory cables. This makes these little toys perfect little add-ons to table tops, helping keep cables in place!
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    oPhone device will now enable iPhone users to send scented messages

    o-phone-1There have been times when we’ve wanted nothing more than to master the ability to send across a scented SMS. Well, not really. That doesn’t stop us from gushing on about this fantastic new concept we’ve spotted recently, which could soon be on every iPhone user’s wishlist. Called the oPhone, this concept device was built by Harvard University & Wyss Institute scientists David Edwards and Rachel Field. The device generates complex aroma signals in rapid succession without lingering aromatic clouds and enables the sending of aromatic messages.
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    Underground park design for Abu Dhabi by Thomas Heatherwick keeps the scorching sun away!

    underground-park-1There are cities where building parks simply isn’t possible, because of space-crunches of course. Abu Dhabi could soon have the answer. Instead of squeezing in tiny insignificant parks in every place that has a few square meters of empty space, Abu Dhabi could simply build an underground park! The temperatures in this region can soar, touching up to 48C on most days. This makes stepping out quite difficult and this concept is indeed a fantastic way to enable citizens to enjoy the company of green buddies, away from the scorching heat of the sun, with an underground park!
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    The Tuttomio chair offers complete privacy with a swivel design

    swivel-chair-1Finding a place of privacy in an overcrowded world isn’t easy. Structures like the Tuttomio chair however make life easier! Designed by Italian designer Emanuele Magini, this chair literally turns into a full-fledged work space with complete privacy, as and when a user wishes! The Tuttomio chair sports a swivel-design that quickly enables the entire contraption to turn into a private workstation. Here, users can work, read and catch a few private moments, away from the hustle and bustle elsewhere.
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    New York could soon welcome home a floating city beach

    citybeach-nyc-1In crowded urban areas, finding a spot to relax under the sun on a bright spring day isn’t as easy as it sounds. Given the fact that skyscraping steel and glass structures are everywhere you look, open spaces turn into a rarity in cities these days. This is why Blayne Ross from Workshop/Apd and Craft Engineering Studio came up with the City Beach NYC concept for the Big Apple. This architectural concept will lead to the development of a ‘floating city beach’ that will work as an open-area for socializing and relaxing in New York.
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    The NIKElab makes a physical space go digital

    nike-lab-1Ever wondered what goes into the creation and conceptualization of a Nike product? Well, residents of cities like New York, London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai and Hong Kong can now have a peek at the sporting goods manufacturer’s best innovations, thanks to the soon­to­be­opened NIKElab consumer destinations. These facilities will show off unseen creations by Nike and will bridge physical retail, online commerce, and digital engagement.
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    Air Trekkers, stilts that let you jump 10 feet in the air

    air-trekkerWe’ve always been fascinated with stilts. Not because of the fact that they’re particularly dangerous and could result in serious injuries, but simply because they give you a bird’s eye view most of us would kill for. That’s probably why the Air Trekkers concept has managed to catch our eyes so quickly. These “stilts” literally enable wearers to jump more than 10 feet in the air, doubling up as a perfect pass time on a sunny spring day!
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    First-responder Angell Unit bike promises to reach emergency spots faster

    responder-motorcycle-concept-9First-responder vehicles are specifically designed to reach places of emergency, at times when life and death is separated by a few precious minutes. Quite often, these vehicles, like ambulances and fire-trucks, are caught in traffic jams and reach emergency spots late, resulting in the loss of life and property. Instead, designer Marty Laurita has come up with this two-wheel all-purpose emergency vehicle that’s capable of breaking free from gridlocked streets quicker than other first-responder vehicles.
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