• Astronaut Koichi Wakata shows off light-writing artwork created in space

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    If you’ve ever wondered why a bunch of people you’ve known since decades have always had dreams of being an astronaut, right since the time they knew what space was, here’s a reason why. Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata was recently floating around the International Space Station, looking for a way to keep him entertained, when he suddenly thought of light-writing, in space! Using the station’s microgravity and a few LEDs, Wakata managed to come up with a light-writing-painting he’s decided to christen, the Spiral Top.

    The original Spiral Top art was created by light artist Takuro Osaka and Wakata seems to have been inspired by the formers work. Using the same long-exposure photo technique, the astronaut managed to get some pretty fine pictures, enhanced by the zero gravity conditions of the International Space Station. Now, more than ever, we can’t help but dream of ourselves in space-suits, light-writing around the moon!





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