• W/Me wristband recognizes your mood; helps calm you down!

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    Tired? Frustrated? Or simply annoyed at the world going nuts around you? Well, here’s a little device designed to calm you down, without having to inject alcohol or nicotine into your bloodstream! Called the W/Me wristband, this concept was designed by Mountain View startup Phyode. The wristband sports a medical-grade sensor called the life spectrum analyzer that helps capture and analyze electrical impulses from cells in the right atrium, enabling the band to detect a person’s mood.

    The device hooks up to an iPhone application that recognizes the mood changes and monitors the same. Extreme mood shifts are picked up by the app’s virtual coach Attu who then guides users of the wristband with calming breathing exercises. The band also makes use of a patent-pending dry conduction electrode and a digital signal processor, all of which give this device the intelligence it needs.

    [Via – Mashable]

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