• Wearable Solar clothes sport solar panels; charge devices on-the-go

  • wearable-solar-clothesIt isn’t just technology, cars and homes that are quickly moving towards the greener side of affairs. Fashion too is following suit and leading the way is the Wearable Solar project. The brainchild of entrepreneur Christiaan Holland, experimental designer Pauline van Dongen and solar energy expert Gert Jan Jongerden, Wearable Solar is a range of high-end garments that feature solar panels! These panels soak in solar juice and transforms it all into usable electricity, for wearers to charge their gadgets.

    Currently, the Wearable Solar range includes a coat and a dress made from leather, wool and strips of rigid and flexible solar cells. The solar strips can be folded out and put back whenever needed. While the coat sports 72 rigid solar cells, the dress includes 48 flexible panels. Wear one of these the next time you step outdoors and keep your gadgetry powered up!

    [Via – Springwise]

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