• Underground park design for Abu Dhabi by Thomas Heatherwick keeps the scorching sun away!

  • underground-park-1There are cities where building parks simply isn’t possible, because of space-crunches of course. Abu Dhabi could soon have the answer. Instead of squeezing in tiny insignificant parks in every place that has a few square meters of empty space, Abu Dhabi could simply build an underground park! The temperatures in this region can soar, touching up to 48C on most days. This makes stepping out quite difficult and this concept is indeed a fantastic way to enable citizens to enjoy the company of green buddies, away from the scorching heat of the sun, with an underground park!

    London-based designer Thomas Heatherwick designed this for Abu Dhabi for the development of the Al Fayah Park in the city. As per Heatherwick’s plan, the park will be inspired by the patterns that form on a parched desert landscape and will be shaded by a 65ft-high platform that resembles desert crust. We’d like to see this one brought to reality. Are you listening Abu Dhabi?



    [Via – Telegraph]

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