• Types Of Garage Doors: Their Advantages And Disadvantages

  • Installing a new garage door increases the curb appeal of your home. However, the process can be frustrating and confusing with all the choices available. With different garage door styles to explore, you need to take the time to know the benefits and weaknesses of each. Knowing the types of garage door to purchase will not only guide you in selecting the best option but also help you make an informed buying decision regardless if you are going to install residential or commercial garage doors.

    Types of garage doors

    Roller Garage Door
    This garage door is composed of corrugated steel panels. They are known as a compact entry solution that can be easily rolled up into a box when opening your garage. This type is considered as the most compact sold on the market. They come with horizontal tracks which are retractable. There is also an additional space which you can use as additional storage space on your garage ceiling. If you have access doors to your attic or roof within your garage, this type of garage door will not block it.

    Pros: When it comes to maintenance, roller style garage doors only require little maintenance because its materials are durable and secure. Once installed, you can be sure that your roller garage door can withstand any harsh weather conditions. These days, rollup garage doors come with insulation, which serves as protection against extreme temperatures. Unlike other garage door designs, roller doors are quieter and they are often built with automatic operation.

    Cons: If you are after a wide selection of design, roller style garage doors’ appearance is limited. Attempting to hide the lines is nearly impossible. Since it comes with panels, it is also difficult to customize the door when you consider using a different coat of paint. If you feel the need to switch to a different roller garage door due to the appearance, the endeavor is going to be costly. A small selection of designs might also disappoint you.

    Canopy Garage Door
    This garage door is known as a single panel garage door. Its vertical tracks on the door frame’s sides are used for flipping the door open. This type requires manual operation, but because it is built with a torsion, manually opening or closing the door will not be a problem. Canopy garage doors are lighter than other types. It also has cables on the side so it will be easy for you to lift the door.

    Pros: If you are searching for a cheaper type of garage door, a canopy garage door is a great choice. While this type may be rarer today, it is still a cost-effective entry solution if you are searching for a garage door that is reliable and will only require less maintenance.

    Cons: Since you open the canopy by swinging the door outward, you need to make sure that your car is not parked close to the edge of your garage. Unlike other types of garage doors, this design is noisier when you open or close it.

    Sectional Garage Door
    Sectional garage doors have been the most preferred design on the market. This type of garage door uses both vertical tracks found on the side of your garage and horizontal tracks on your garage’s ceiling for lifting and closing the door. It is also built with automatic openers so you can operate it smoothly and quietly. A sectional garage door is a cross between roller doors and single-panel designs.

    Pros: This type of garage door gives you a variety of options when it comes to appearance. You can choose from different types of door finishes and designs depending on what you want and need. With a large selection of designs, searching for the finishes that match your home will not be a problem.

    Cons: Due to its well-engineered design, expect sectional doors to be more expensive than other types of garage doors. It also requires multiple tracks and parts for the door to operate efficiently. When a problem occurs in one of its opening mechanism, you need to call garage door repair Southlake professionals right away for the door to turn smoothly.

    The type of garage door you will purchase will depend on the style of your home and your personal preference. Regardless of the garage door you choose, always prioritize quality.

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