• Ridiculously transparent outdoor public toilet installed in Japan

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    Answering nature’s call outdoors in the open-air was what human-kind did, centuries ago before the more civilized toilets were invented. The Japanese architecture studio Sou Fujimoto however, doesn’t consider a poop in the open air to be too embarrassing and has come up with this concept toilet installed in the city of Ichihara (Chiba) in Japan. This public toilet has transparent walls and is surrounded by greenery. The toilet’s compound does have a perimeter fence to keep rubber-necked folks at bay, but it does allow a full view from above.

    We aren’t sure if this concept is completely ridiculous or simply charmingly insane. While this toilet does seem to be a great place for some post-digestion contemplation, not a lot of us would prefer stepping outdoors for this.


    [Via – Ufunk]

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