• Timex Epidigital Watch embosses onto your skin

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    The watch concepts have never really crossed this periphery where we are left wondering, “Can this really happen?” Well, I have bumped into one such watch concepts that seems too far-fetched but seemingly achievable by the designers of this concept. One & Co conducted a design study for Timex, wherein, an Epidigital Patch creates an animated topographic time keeping image on his/her skin. The patch is composed of nanodots that are absorbed into the skin and interact to create unique surface graphics on the skin. The nanobots are composed of organic matter, which indicates that it is safe for the skin.

    It dissolves after a several days, making way for an application of another patch. The concept is brilliant and too good to be true! However, my gut feeling tells me this could happen soon (2020 or so), which is why I’m waiting to do some ‘skin show’ when this baby is raised out of its box!

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