• The Longboard Stroller, a perfect way to skate with your baby in tow!

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    There are a few things in life that one simply cannot give up. One of these is skateboarding. If you’re looking for a way to continue riding your board even after a bunch of responsibilities have been loaded onto you, including taking your kid out for a stroll, check this fabulous innovation out! Called the Longboard Stroller, this one’s basically a baby stroller and a skateboard combined. Designed by Quinny and Studio Peter van Riet, the Longboard Stroller is a perfect way to go out on your skateboard with your baby for company!

    The concept won an award at the OVAM Ecodesign Awards along with a gift prize of $2,600). Still in its research and development phase, this concept could pretty much hit production lines in the future, if the designers come up with a foolproof way to keep the child being strolled safe.



    [Via – Gizmag]

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