• The Green Heart Gym harnesses people power into useable electricity

  • TGO Green Energy Gym Technology utilizes human power with cardio outdoor gym equipment and then changes it into useable electricity. This consequential electricity derived directly from humans can be used for lighting up the gym space during night time. The designers feel that the extra power output could be fed into local buildings and even into the national grid. Green Energy Gym is situated at Hull’s Orchard Park estate in the UK, It’s outdoor facility with the usual exercise oriented equipments like energy cross trainers; Energy hand bikes; Energy fitness bikes; Energy recumbent bikes; People Power Display Wall. It’s green, it’s shiny and it lights up at night.

    Georgie Delaney, Creative Director of The Great Outdoor Gym Company aims to have Green Energy Gyms right across the UK, where people can keep fit and recycle the energy they burn off into electricity. The gym is great for your health and it generates electricity. It encourages kids and adults alike to learn about their health, energy generation and energy consumption.


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