• The Elevated Bathtub lifts off the ground to help disabled users get in and out!

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    People with mobility restrictions have loads of troubles doing everyday stuff. One of these tedious tasks for the disabled is getting inside and outside a bathtub. Designed by Zhang Jiangpeng and Zou Tao, the Elevated Bathtub is an answer to all these woes. The bathtub functions just the way a conventional one does, with a slight twist that makes it more accessible to the disabled. The tub consists of two main parts: the tub enclosure, which can be lifted; and the flat base with a showerhead pillar.

    Before use, the tub lifts to the top, allowing the user to step into the flat-base bathing area. The tub then lowers itself to the ground and water begins filling inside. Once the user has bathed, the water drains away and the tub enclosure lifts off the flooring, enabling the user to move away! This design has won a Red Dot Design Award in 2012 and rightly so!



    [Via – Red-Dot]

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