• The adjustable AdaptAir makes Bubble CPAP therapy for kids more effective

  • A child’s breathing mechanism may be just like an adult’s, but doctors keep in mind the fragility of younger organs. This is one of the reasons why the respirators used to make adults breathe easy aren’t used on kids in hospitals. Forcing too much mechanically induced air inside young lungs can cause more damage than good! Instead, an alternative therapy called Bubble CPAP is used on kids these days. What makes this tricky however is the fact that the plastic nasal mechanism or simply put, the nasal cup, doesn’t fit kids of all ages. Enter the AdaptAir. Designed by Alejandro Palandjoglou, David Janka, Neil Mehta, and Elizabeth Zambricki, this concept uses a flexible cup with elastic straps that can be used on child faces of different sizes. This keeps the oxygen from being wasted, allowing medical centers across the globe to better the treatment given to younger patients!


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