• Taku-Tanku concept micro-home is made from repurposed water tanks!

  • taku-tanku-1Recycling and repurposing used articles is important in an environment that’s slowly being choked to death by pollutants. Keeping this in mind, New York city-based Stereotank has designed the Taku-Tanku for the Little House competition held in Japan. This home is literally little and is carved into the insides of repurposed water tanks. Two 3,000-liter water tanks and other prefabricated materials were used to build the Taku-Tanku.

    The home is capable of being towed by a person, by a bicycle, by a car or by a boat and can accommodate two to three users at a time in multiple environments! Sporting a cypress wood flooring, the Taku-Tanku is also adorned with solar powered LED lights and fans that illuminate the insides. With enough space to play, work, dine, rest and store luggage, the Taku-Tanku is a fantastic option for living away from brick and mortar!


    [Via – Designboom]

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