• Swing Time, an interactive installation of swings that glow!

  • glowing-swing-1Ever wondered what it’d be like to sit on a swing that glows and spend a few hours after dark staring up into space? Well, we didn’t either, until we stumbled across these! Called the Swing Time, this interactive installation on The Lawn on D in Boston enables visitors to sit back and relax while swinging in glowing hammocks! 20 of these have been installed and were developed to “create a new type of city park”.

    The Swing Time installation was developed by Höweler + Yoon Architecture and each swing is custom made in three sizes. Made from polypropylene, the swings sport LED lighting that responds to movement. At a standstill, the swings emit a soft white light and change color to blue and purple as they begin to move.




    [Via – My-Modern-Met]

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