• Spruce Stove makes the act of building up a cheerful fire, easier!

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    Chopping down logs into tiny bits to feed them all into a crackling fire every winter isn’t everybody’s form of entertainment and if you’d ask us, this process to enjoy a blanket of warmth can get pretty darned tedious. This is probably why we’ve fallen in love with the Spruce Stove. This fantastic twist on a regular stove simply requires users to place one complete log inside and feed the fire by pushing the log inside, little by little, until the wood is completely used. The log doesn’t need to be chopped for the Spruce Stove!

    Created as a collaboration project between Dutch designers Roel de Boer and Michiel Martens, the Spruce Stove sports adjustable stands to place the log and also uses fireproof concrete bricks on the inside, and steel fins on the outside. With this, winters turn a little easier!





    [Via – Hiconsumption]

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