• SproutsIO technology allows users to Facetime with their urban indoor microfarms!

  • sproutsio-1Have you always wished to grow fresh strawberries at home? Have space crunches always crushed your farming dreams? Thanks to the SproutsIO indoor microfarming system by the students at MIT Media Lab, all of this could soon be possible! In an interview with Co.Design, designer Jenny Broutin Farah, a grad student at MIT says, “Our hope is that it becomes a new kind of standard. We’re not saying people are going to stop going to grocery stores or getting food delivered to their homes, but we’re interested in providing people with an alternative.”

    The SproutsIO makes use of soil-free growing methods and is controlled by a smartphone application. This enables urban dwellers to look after their plants even when they’re away from home, by simply using their phones! And that’s not all. The SproutsIO concept also sports a camera, enabling users to Facetime with their plants.




    [Via – Fastcodesign]

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