• Smokey Wheels mug represents rebellion, revolution and a stack of tires

  • smoky-wheels-the-revolutionary-mugIf you’ve been hooked to the television screen off late, you might have realized that Ukraine does have its fair share of troubles. Inspired by the fighting spirit of the population and rubber tires, which are the “burning symbols of selfless struggles,” designer Dmitry Kopatsky unleashed the Smoky Wheels mug, a concept early-morning accessory that resembles a stack of tires. The creators of this revolutionary mug state that it’s a perfect masculine concept.

    Don’t be fooled though. This mug isn’t made from rubber, for obvious reasons. Instead, the mug will be made of glass, since ceramics don’t allow accurately replicate a tire’s tread. The mugs will be manufactured by Exon Holding and will hit production lines only if the project on Kickstarter reaches its target. The mug is a symbol of rebellion and revolution and is indeed a great way to start a morning!

    [Via – Kickstarter]

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