• Solar powered trashcans that compress garbage installed at the University of Houston

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    Trash cans are great. Trash cans being used regularly are even better. But what’s best is a solar powered trash can, like these beauties at the University of Houston! These garbage cans are technologically advanced and are more developed than their dumpster cousins. Besides being a great place to dump trash, these cans also use solar power to compress the waste inside and send a signal, every time they’re stuffed to maximum capacity. 80 garbage cans like these are now being placed all over the University of Houston campus.

    Priced at $8,000 a pop, these garbage cans sport a miniature solar-powered garbage compactor. Capable of swallowing five times more trash than a can this size, these cans send wireless signals to the company looking after their well-being. According to Michael Burriello, assistant director of facilities management at UH, “So, where we were going around once a day to all the trash cans to see if they were full, we don’t have to do that now. We wait until the trash can tells us it’s full.”

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