• Smart sock and smartphone application help monitor infants remotely

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    Infants need to be well-monitored to ensure their well-being and a healthy upbringing. Parenting just got easier, with this brilliant new touch of technology given to socks. Designed and developed by Owlet Baby Care, these smart socks allow parents to monitor their little bundle of happiness from with their smartphones! The sock is meant to be worn by the infant and uses a bunch of sensors to monitor a child’s heart rate, blood oxygenation levels, sleep quality, skin temperature, and sleep position.

    All of this information is then recorded by the sock and sent to a smartphone application that allows a parent to have complete access to just about everything they’d need to know about their baby’s well-being. The sock uses wireless transmission to send the data to a smartphone and also sports an accelerometer that sounds an alarm, in case a child rolls onto his or her stomach!

    [Via – Nydailynews]

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