• Skylon, the carbon fiber spacecraft of the future, will reach speeds of mach 25

  • skylon-spaceship-1The limitations of physics have never kept human-kind from breaking barriers and developing cutting-edge technology to aide faster travel. One such conceptual development is the Skylon, a spacecraft that will offer people in the future a reliable, responsive and cost effective means to travel to space! Powered by synergistic air-breathing rocket engines (SABRE), these futuristic aircrafts will be automated, without pilots, and will autonomously take off from a runway, fly direct to earth orbit and return for a runway landing, just like an aircraft.

    skylon-spaceship-2The Skylon’s fuselage and wing load bearing structure are made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Complete with a propellant tank, payload bay, and delta wings attached midway along the fuselage, the Skylon will take people to previously unexplored areas of space! To make things even more jaw-dropping, the Skylon will touch speeds of mach 25!

    [Via – Designboom]

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