• Skateable Sculpture, a work of art on which you can skate!

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    We love interactive sculptures. Moreover, we love sculptures that develop as play areas! One such work of art we’ve spotted is the Skateable Sculpture by Rich Holland. Part of an exhibit Aalto at a show called ‘At First We Take Museums’ in the Kiasma Museum of Modern Art in Finland, the Skateable Sculpture literally allows skate-heads to use their sets of wheels.

    So why is the Skateable Sculpture any different from a regular skate-park? Well, this one’s a work of art, which obviously means that it’s a visual treat, apart from being a physical pleasure. For the artist, the availability public space is a crucial issue which he has addressed extremely well with the Skateable Sculpture. A pat on the back for Rich!





    [Via – Mocoloco]

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