• Samsung educates Africa

  • If they can’t take, you give. Samsung, the wonderful company that makes some of the most beautiful devices for mankind, has proved that their heart is as golden as their product success. In order to address the lack of education in Africa, Samsung has introduced its Internet Schools Program to bring “technology-rich learning and teaching” K-12 classrooms ‘to distant and rural regions of the continent’. The classrooms are 12-meter long, old shipping solar-powered renovated containers that can accommodate 21 students. It uses a series of ICT infrastructure such as Samsung Interactive Whiteboard, or E-board, the multi-purpose Samsung printer and Note PCs, and other school administration practices to enhance learning.

    This project was launched in 2011 and has been recognized as the African Solar Project of the Year by the Africa Energy Awards. Samsung plans to expand this initiative to other countries too and aims to reach 2.5 million students by 2015.

    The company collaborates with local teachers, content developers and school administration to create programs using technological devices that range from 50-inch electronic board to solar-powered notebooks with an Internet connection, Samsung Galaxy tablets and Wi-Fi cameras! Samsung is also joining Skype, Intel and YouTube to ‘better integrate in the learning process’.

    Using to technology to enhance knowledge and progress – now THAT is what a company’s drive should be. This is such a wonderful initiative, that it looks like all hope is not loss in the betterment of mankind, with all the technology that seems to devour our lives.


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