• LEAPfactory builds a one-of-a-kind hotel on Mount Elbrus, Russia

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    Tired of visiting that warm and lovely beach-side resort you’ve been frequenting since the summer of graduation? Well, here’s a way to holiday that’s a step away from anything termed as ordinary! Nestled on the mountain tops of Russia’s Mount Elbrus, this fascinating hotel called the LEAPrus 3912 enjoys some of the most exotic and scenic views of the world! The hotel is composed of four completely prefabricated buildings, set into place aerially by a helicopter during construction.

    Developed by an Italian development company LEAPfactory, the hotel is an oasis in a frozen desert for climbers ascending the Mount Elbrus. Complete with 49 beds, staff accommodation and a restaurant, this property uses green energy and also has a sewage system that makes use of melted snow. This hotel which is nothing less of a modern day architectural marvel, was developed on behalf of the North Caucasus Mountain Club, a Russian tourism company.




    [Via – Telegraph]

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