• RS3 foosball table by Rafael Rodriguez is hip and fun!

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    Sports are good, particularly sports that keep you active, even if that means you running around a table and screaming your lungs out at your foosball-loving cronies. Designer Rafael Rodriguez designed these indoor-outdoor foosball tables called the RS3 tables for a Barcelona-based design company called RS. Made from durable red, yellow, blue, or white steel frames, these tables sport aluminum figures, and solid wood handles and are light in weight and great to use and maintain.

    Before you begin a game of Friday night foosball, simply piece the RS3 table together, bring forth the beers from thy refrigerator and thou art ready to go! The tables are cool and modern and are sculpted to blend well with man-caves. There’s been no news on the availability or pricing of these tables though.



    [Via – Design-Milk]

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