• Rollersuit lets you be reckless and adventurous on smooth floors

  • Ever dreamed of tumbling around and rolling down the floor without hurting yourself? Designer Adam Ugolnik’s concept could pretty much turn your dream into reality! Called the Rollersuit, this costume’s basically a rigid polypropylene plastic shell with castors on it. Inside, the suit sports a half-inch layer of urethane foam for your comfort, enabling you to run, dive and slide or roll across smooth surfaces and slam into harder surfaces and do a load of superhuman deeds without hurting yourself! Also, Ugolnik has developed an advanced version of the suit which is currently being kept under wraps. That apart, this industrial designer seems to have addressed a ton of our childhood dreams of rolling around and sliding on floors without bruises!

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    Topics: Lifestyle Tags: on May 17, 2012
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