• Researchers continue studies on the effects of music on animals

  • dog-listening-musicAt least a few of us have wondered about what our pets think about the music we listen to. Well, for those still trying to figure out if their furry friends favor the new music CDs they’ve just purchased, here’s something you should know. Previous studies done on animal subjects have demonstrated the fact that a few species, like cows, are affected by music being played in the vicinity. This also seems to have had an effect on the amount of milk they produce.

    While a few researchers are convinced of the fact that animals do understand music and can react in several ways to the types of music being played, skeptics think otherwise, stating that animals cannot differentiate between music and more ordinary sounds. That said, a few birds have also been known to follow tonal and percussive patterns, similar to that found in jazz music! One thing’s for sure though, humankind will continue playing and listening to music and so will their furry friends, as long as loud speakers exist!

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