• Re-Feed an indoor desk composter to feed your plants

  • Re-Feed is a student concept by Fanny Nilsson from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London. It’s an indoor composter to feed your houseplants with some liquid nourishment. It is an indoor composting system for city habitants that can be kept on the desktop. Re-Feed is featured with battery powered blade to grind up all the waste and organic components you drop in it. It composts, and when that process is complete, water is added to the mix. Although composting may not be perfect for indoor spaces as smelling can be one of the drawbacks, though Re feed provides much-needed nutrients in a clean way. This nutrient-rich liquid is fed to plants through a tube that reaches straight into the roots of a complementary flower pot, a feeding that can even be scheduled by the less-attentive plant owner.


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