• Professor Berokh Khoshnevis develops technology to print out homes

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    Some things are easier said than done, but not everyone really thinks along these lines. University of Southern California professor Berokh Khoshnevis has been spending quite a lot of time obsessing over 3D printing technology, so much, that he has decided to 3D print an entire home! While most of the technology world will snigger and this, given that though in theory this is quite possible, it barely is as practical!

    According to Khoshnevis, all that’s needed is a giant 3D printer. This will enable builders to construct entire homes from ground up, using this technology. And the shell isn’t all these 3D printers will produce. Khoshnevis foresees this technology to be used to integrate these homes with electrical wiring, plumbing, and all! The professor has already printed entire six-foot tall sections of homes in his lab using contour crafting technology. It’s not long before Khoshnevis’ dream comes true and the world begins printing homes!




    [Via – Fastcoexist]

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