• Prayer mat illuminates when faced towards the holy city of Mecca!

  • If divine intervention is what you seek, UK-based Soner Ozenc’s design is bound to have you praying harder. In essence a technology-packed rug, this one illuminates automatically when pointed to the holy city of Mecca. Called the EL Sajjadah, this rug by SOPDS (Soner Ozenc Product Design Studio) displays the correct direction of the city and is aimed at the 1.6 billion strong Muslim community spread across the globe that prays facing the shrine five times a day. Lightweight and thin, making the mat well portable, this one can also be hung on a wall as a piece of art and powers on with rechargeable batteries or a grid-connected power supply. The mat reveals patterns including a mosque at the heart of heaven, the light of God (Allah) just below the crescent, and markings for the mat’s owner to place his or her hands and feet in bright teal when powered on, and is currently on KickStarter looking for pledges.


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