• Phone-shaped Firstcall chair works as an oasis of silence in noisy environments

  • firstcall-chair-phoneLooking for that perfect chair into which you can cozy up and spend hours speaking on a phone? Get rid of your bean bag right away and settle into one of these pretty babies. Called the Firstcall chair, this seating concept was developed by Dutch designer Ruud van de Wier in collaboration with manufacturer Easy-Noisecontrol. Inspired by the shape of a classic phone, the chair cocoons those using it, keeping them away from surrounding noise.

    The chair is a perfect addition to spaces where privacy and quite is required, particularly in noisier environments like airports and cafeterias. The Firstcall chair enables users to make calls in silence, catch up on a good book without being distracted by external noise or simply lay back and fall asleep. Available in more than 32 colors and combinations, the Firstcall chair is simply brilliant, and silent!





    [Via – Designboom]

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