• The Lift Ware spoon makes meal time easier for people with Parkinson’s disease

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    Living with Parkinson’s disease and going about day to day life isn’t really easy, and people suffering from this disorder know best. An everyday meal turns into a person’s battle with his/her own body due to a shaky and wavering grip that unfortunately leads to a mess. Lift Labs designed and developed this spoon called the Lift Ware spoon that counteracts the movements of a wavering grip, reducing the shaking by 70%, making it easier for a person with Parkinson’s to eat.

    We think this spoon is a blessing to those with the disorder looking for a little more independence during their meal time. The spoon comes apart in several pieces for easy cleaning and can quickly be assembled and readied for use. A concept like this, must hit storeshelves!

    [Via – Mashable]

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