• Oikos Green Gadget ensures intelligent power consumption

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    As we have seen, over the years our consumption of electricity has risen steadily. It’s not that we need more light or cooling or heating, it’s just that our per-person usage of electronic good has risen considerable over the years. Now we require them for Laptops, Computers, Phones, Gizmos and gadgets and with this our electricity bill have also sky-rocketed. Wastage of electricity also contributes major to the bill. However very few of us are aware of the means to reduce this, much less monitor it. Guy Dvir has designed the Oikos (Greek for household), a device that hooks onto the home PC and monitors the family’s consumption of power and picks out the flaws in the usage.

    Oikos is also the source for the word eco. It notes the home energy consumption and data. It points out wastages and suggests how to recycle. The system also recommends eco-friendly products and can tell you where to find a store and product locator for green products. It even hosts educational games for kids. Other families that use Oikos system can share their experience with each other via the system. Conscious enough about environmental impact, this design uses recyclable plastic and steel, and features OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) and is mercury and lead free. The design is a concept, but hopefully one day it will make it to the shelves.

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