• Nike DAC: A bag which protects you against crime

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    Nike DAC: Design against crime takes birth from the idea of self-protection. Like how the shell of tortoise protects it from harm, or how the superhero uses a shield as self defense. This safe bag is a concept design against crime. Worn like a backpack, there is protrusion on the back that resembles a disc or a shield. The ergonomic design ensures that the bag is always near the body, and ready to protect you and the contents from thefts. The polycarbonate material used resists knife jabs and blade slashes. The Resistant Velcro used in the straps keeps the handles stiff so that they could be used in defense. Personally I find the leopard print awesome, what do you think? Designer Daniel Kroker a neat idea on his hands.


    Topics: Lifestyle Tags: on December 19, 2008

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