• NASA unveils new spacesuits that’ll leave aliens awestruck

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    We all know that the current spacesuits astronauts are clad in aren’t real eye-candy. Instead, these are made to serve their purpose extremely well, without too much aesthetic attention in play. NASA plans to change things however and has recently shown off the future of spacesuits. The new NASA Z-2 will replace the conventionally used Z-1 space suit. Each of the Z-2 suits has its own identity, Biomimicry, Technology, and Trends in Society, and sport their own colorization and iconic symbol.

    The suits shorten preparation time, improve safety, and boost and astronaut’s capabilities during spacewalks. Besides being technologically overhauled versions of their predecessors, the Z-2 suits are also quite good looking and will have more people wishing they could take a rocket to space. We’re still awaiting a day when NASA unveils a Buzz Lightyear-type suit.






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