• Morph airline seating concept makes budget-travelling more comfortable

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    An economy-class flight is barely a luxury, particularly due to the fact that your knees are put through extremely strenuous situations when your fellow traveler seated in front of you decides to snooze. British design firm Seymourpowell came up with an innovative way to make budget air travelling more comfortable, with the creation of Morph airplane seat. The seat simply doesn’t recline and instead, automatically adjusts to a user for optimal comfort.

    The Morph seat is designed as a bench, as opposed to the current individual seating system used in airplanes where each seat is a separate unit. A single piece of fabric is stretched across to form the seats, and another forms the back of the chair. Seats are separated using armrests and dividers. These dividers and armrests can also be adjusted, enabling airline staff to fine-tune the seat to a passenger’s requirement.

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