• Color-changing Mood Sweater changes shades to match the wearer’s moods

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    Mood sensitive clothing isn’t new, but the technology still manages to grab our attention as always. Sensoree showed off this fantastic sweater that detects its wearer’s mood swings and changes color accordingly. Called the GER: Mood Sweater, this piece of clothing packed with technology sports sensors that recognize a wearer’s varying levels of excitement.

    When the sweater’s wearer is calm, the high-tech sweater turns blue. Any form of excitement turns the sweater purple. This may not be the best piece of clothing to slip on, particularly if you’re trying to hide what you feel. That apart, the Mood Sweater does work as an interesting combination of futuristic fashion and technology.

    [Via – PSFK]

    Topics: Lifestyle Tags: on December 9, 2013
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