• The Montlake Spite House is a wedge-shaped home!

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    At times, a little bit of spite and arrogance can indeed lead to the creation of something jaw-dropping and completely insane, like this wedge shaped bungalow in Seattle’s Montlake neighborhood. Legend says the owner of this home built it the way it is because of a personal insult, leading to a home that’s 55 inches across its narrowest point. Nicknamed the Montlake Spite House, this bungalow was recently sold for a whopping half a million dollars!

    Built in 1925 on a small, pie slice-shaped plot of land, the home covers an area of 830 square feet. With the kitchen at the narrow back, inhabitants literally need to take a side step while opening the oven door, due to lack of space! We aren’t sure just how practical this home can be though the fact that it did fetch $397,000 in October this year surely is says a lot!




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