• Minki Cheng designs end-of-the-world survivor clothes

  • Well, we are all alive after all and the Mayans were proved wrong. The world hasn’t ended and we’re all still stuck in our mechanical lives. However, if you’re still under the impression that the world could end and you simply haven’t gotten over the fact that all of this was just a scare caused by someone’s imaginative theories, here’s the perfect way to survive the end of humanity. By Central Saint Martins fashion graduate Minki Cheng, this collection of apparel helps keep away from death in the event of an apocalypse.

    These clothes use waterproof, heat-proof and radiation-proof fabrics that are usually included in wetsuits, body armor and sportswear. The line includes clothes for every weather condition including those for hotter areas and those for frigid zones. Well, if only these could keep the likes of lava, tidal waves and nuclear weapons away, we’d be rushing to the store to pick one up for ourselves!


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