• Mieke Meijer’s Object Élevé is a staircase with storage space and work-desks

  • suspended-stairs-1Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of space, particularly if you live in a smaller apartment where every square foot spared is a luxury of sorts. In homes as such, a concept like Mieke Meijer’s Object Élevé fits right in. the designer has come up with a fabulous way to mix and mash storage space, shelves, a work-desk and a staircase! Handcrafted out of oak wood and black steel, these stairs have found a home at designer Just Haasnoot’s studio in The Hague, Netherlands.

    Meijer has used the “samba” technique in the stairs’ design, a system of alternating steps that allows for a comfortable walk up and down. The stairs are minimalist as ever and are a great way to save space, without compromising on the functionality of it all. We love the Object Élevé! What’s your take?




    [Via – My-Modern-Met]

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