• Extremely tiny and expensive microhomes to show up in Sao Paulo soon

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    Sprawling homes have indeed lost out on their exquisiteness, given the fact that people around the world have begun living individually and in smaller families, apart from the ever-looming urban space crunch. The Brazilian city of Sao Paulo will soon welcome home some of the tiniest apartments in the world, covering areas of just 173 square meters each. These homes may be small but they certainly aren’t cramped! Launched by Life Edited, the Sao Paulo microhome project will be rooted in the Vila Olimpia neighborhood.

    Called the VN Quatà, each of these homes sport a kitchen counter that can transform into a desk, a full bathroom, and a 75-square-foot balcony. The apartment blocks will also include services like room cleaning, a lounge, a café, and a pool! These homes will cater to migrant workers employed by Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Unilever as well as university students. Each of these homes will be priced at approximately $160,000!




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