• Mexico City to soon play home to an ultra modern airport

  • mexico-city-airport-1Airports are big. We all know that for a fact. That fact is also the reason why most architects love designing airports, since they work as oversized canvases and sandboxes they can play with. Recently, TEN arquitectos + SOM + SENER had the opportunity to propose a design for the newly planned airport in Mexico City and the folks behind it all seem to have gone all out with this one! The Mexican government will soon pick out a design by the end of July and we’re hoping this concept gets a shot.

    Here’s why. These architects have managed to come up with an airport proposal that’s not only extremely eye-catching and uber-modern, but also completely practical in the contemporary world. The design makes use of space in the best possible way, enabling enough dedicated space for terminals, airstrips and parking bays. We’ve fallen for this particular proposal, tell us what you think in the comments below!





    [Via – Designboom]

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