• Margot Krasojevic develops a 5 Star hotel that attaches to a plane

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    Not a lot of us are privileged enough to fly first class, or live in 5 Star hotels. Well, there are a few lucky people who do these sorts of things quite often and we’ve come across a concept recently that could very well appeal to an audience as such. Designed for a private client by an architect named Margot Krasojevic, this concept is literally a 5 Star hotel that can’t fly and is far apart from those super-luxury jets you might have come across previously.

    Sporting a range of hydro-pneumatic suspension systems that allows the hotel to separate from the plane, this mobile 5 Star hotel comes complete with LED lighting and all the luxuries you’d look for. The design is also said to include pattern recognition, digital, and radioactive technology.

    [Via – Huffingtonpost]

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