• Marc Newson’s Body Jet, the new mode of transport!

  • Tired of driving or riding around? Has the mass-transit system of your urban paradise failed to live up to your expectations? Well, here’s a new way to get around, one that’ll surely catch the eyes of everyone you soar above! Designed by Marc Newson, the Body Jet is literally what its name suggests – a jet pack you can quickly strap on and take off!

    Made from a carbon fiber shell, the Body Jet sports padded arm-rests for extra comfort, landing gear, a patented gyroscopic control system for maneuvering and can stay in the sky for a good 45 minutes to an hour! And from the looks of it all, this one can be tucked away in the back of an SUV and pulled out in the event of a traffic jam, allowing users to fly away to their destinations instead!


    Topics: Featured, Lifestyle Tags: on January 22, 2013
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